15 - 21 February, 2015
15 - 21 November, 2015

Our gourmet tour offers you the opportunity to combine two passions, exploring and developing both, while enjoying the hospitality and beauty of Southern Andalucia staying in a luxurious villa.

Under the expert tuition of Alberto we will encourage your creativity and technical skill while showing you some of the best and most delicious locally sourced food this region has to offer. He will be on hand at all times to guide and advise you, adapting to clients needs and wishes as the week progresses. Whether you would like to use food as a medium to explore your creativity, or you want to learn to capture superb images to use when showcasing your own creations, our Gourmet Tour provides you with the opportunity to achieve both.

Not only will our resident chef delight with amazing dishes for you to photograph, we will also explore the surrounding area to discover what makes a great food narrative. We will venture in to the nearby ‘huertas’, orange and almond groves and have the chance to meet and photograph local characters who play such an integral part in producing the food that ends up on your plate. A day out to an award winning local vineyard will afford us the opportunity to explore the photographic possibilities on offer amongst the vines or in the bodega itself, while also learning about the process involved in producing fine wine, and of course, sampling it!

The development of your own style is fundamental to our ethos for this course. Although the food you will photograph throughout your time with us will be the same for everyone, we are here to help you realise your own personal vision. A week of luxury living, fine dining and the emergence of your creative side are all on offer on this course. Join us for a gourmet experience.

Welcome (DAY 1)
Arrival and welcome. An opportunity to relax and get to know each other over dinner and drinks.

Orientation (DAY 2)
This morning we will get together after a relaxing breakfast to discuss our week ahead. This gives us, as your hosts and tutors, a chance to discover more about you, your personal ambitions and requirements, and for everyone to feel comfortable with their abilities, leaving you free to ask any questions you may have.

After lunch we will spend the afternoon in the comfort of the villa learning to work with natural light, understanding different styles of photography and shooting in RAW. We will also cover Lightroom, the importance of using props when photographing food, and will put your feet firmly on the path to creating your own personal narrative for the week. Any technical issues will be dealt with. Our aim this afternoon is to make you feel truly comfortable with your camera and equipment and to understand what you will need to learn, to photograph in the way you want to.
Dinner prepared by our resident chef with the opportunity to practice shooting dinner scenes in low light situations.

Vineyard visit (DAY 3)
Today we will explore an award-winning vineyard. When creating a narrative it is important to understand what we are photographing and what slant we wish to give our story, there are no rights or wrongs just our personal vision. We will have the chance to learn more about quality wine and its origins and to photograph not only the grapes and vines in their natural surroundings, but also how to photograph indoors in challenging light conditions to showcase the wine. Of course there will be a wine tasting with some tapas. Time will be set aside to start creating our narrative with one on one reviews of work to date. Photographing the chef preparing dinner and plating up.

Photographing the raw materials (DAY 4)
After breakfast today, we will learn how to photograph raw materials during the morning. All produce is locally sourced and freshly delivered, enabling us to create wonderful images before the food is whisked away to be turned into a culinary delight. Today we will also have the opportunity to capture our personal chef at work prepping our food. This will give us the chance to follow the gourmet creations we will enjoy eating, from their inception, to their arrival on our plates. We can also learn more about ‘shooting the chef’ and look closely at all aspects of photographing everything that a kitchen environment has to offer.

Paddock to plate (DAY 5)
A great day out. We will venture into the surrounding area to discover how to photograph the natural produce before it is harvested or picked. Capturing images in natural light will afford us the best chance of truly immortalizing the food from paddock to plate. During lunch today we will take the opportunity to take photographs of the people around us eating and also of the food they are enjoying.

After lunch we will head back out into the ‘campo’ and encounter the wonderful local characters who strive to offer the best produce this area has to offer. The wisdom of generations of farmers, fruit growers and small market gardeners will inspire us to combine the people together with the food in our images.

Bringing it all together (DAY 6)
This is the day when we bring it all together. Everything we have learned and achieved during the week will be combined as beautifully as our lunches and dinners were. We will spend the day discussing everything we have created and discovered, dealing with any questions and issues that may have arisen, and putting together our creative, visual narratives of the week.

After lunch we will all have the pleasure of viewing and assessing our groups’ work. Sharing ideas and building on what we have learned, culminating in the enjoyment of our own skills and abilities while we share our images with each other. Farwell dinner and drinks

Farewell (DAY 7)
Breakfast and departure.


 6 Nights Accommodation
 Transfers to/from Malaga airport 
• Meals
• All transport to scheduled events
• Guidance and tuition